A community-driven decentralised token, featuring anti–whale dumps.
Artist contributions · No mint function · Transparency from the get go.


The 33Banshee story

  • 5%

  • 3%

    Liquidity Pool
  • 2%


33Banshee is her call sign, crypto space warrior travelling the Galaxy, returning to the place she calls home every full moon to reward her followers with her treasures. Her half earthling intelligence, charm and beauty, puts everyone under her spell.

About the token What is 33Banshee

33Banshee is a community driven decentralised token, based on the BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain. Reviewable on the Binance Blockchain Explorer.

We have a highly skilled team of 3 UK based developers and 2 Marketeer who have implemented transparent safeguards into the smart contract to prevent large scale selling, commonly known as whale-dumps. All sell transactions are limited to 50BNB, buy transactions unlimited and no mint function. We believe this to be the first of its kind in the crypto world.

In preventing massive selloffs some of which can be orchestrated by bots, we can prevent huge fluctuations in the market and therefore establish a more stable coin for long-term growth and protect our community and their investment.

As this community and project grows so will the value of our coin and this then reflects in each and every holder’s investment. We really are in this together


33Banshee Tokenomics can never be altered and with our contract deployed to BSCScan this effectively binds this to stone. BSCScan 33Banshee


Of every transaction goes back to the Community holders. If you hold 33Banhsee you get rewarded. 

  • Automatic staking
  • Improving holders position

Pancake LP

Of every transaction goes to Pancake Liquidity Pool. LP Funder helps to maintain a solid footwork price enabling the pair exchange of 33Banshee to WBNB. With an LP funder Tokenomics in place we create a Pool of swappable pairs, preventing exchange stagnation and instability.


So we all know by now, most DeFi tokens reflect % back to holders, and yes it’s important % into LP to allow for smooth trading. However, we put 2% of all transaction fees into an artist contributions wallet.


2021 Q1
The beginning
  • Trusted Development & Marketing Team Formed
  • Tokenomics Designed
  • Contract Code Designed
  • Website Designed
  • Launch Plan Designed
2021 Q1
2021 Q2
  • Contract Code Tested & Deployed
  • Website V2 Launched
  • Social Media Channels Started
  • Marketing Campaign Begins with Ads & Influencers Supporting Launch
  • DxSale launch
  • Pancake Swap Liquidity Locked
  • Remaining Tokens locked in vault
  • Dev/Marketing AMAs
  • First Audit Completed
  • Listings Coingeko, CoinMarketCap etc.
2021 Q2
2021 Q3
Post Launch
  • Growth
  • Double size of Marketing Team
  • Explore Asian & Middle Eastern Markets
  • NFT Listings
  • Website V3 Launched
  • Exchange Addons
  • Gaming Maps
  • Exchange Listing WhiteBit Binance, CEX etc.
2021 Q3
2021 Q4
The next step
  • Work on Apps
  • Establish R&D Office in UK
  • Grow Dev team
  • Set up code academy
  • Q4
    2021 Q4

    Burn Protocol

    We will be burning 33% of 33Banshee at intervals as we grow and expand the community and brand milestones e.g CoinMarketCap Listing etc.

    NFT Artists

    (Music, Dance, Art)

    In support of worldwide artists, we intend to commission art, releasing a different 33Banshee character every month. Alongside this, we welcome the communities contributions, maybe you are an artist as well as a 33Banshee holder! We are always looking for new talent, so if you hav any recommendations please get in touch. We wish to include Artist, Dancers, Musicians and DJ’s for our evens and or commisions.


    Our logo has been through 25 different iterations, to get to where we are now and we want this time and effort to be reflected in the quality of our merchandise. In 33Banshee we are building a brand for the long-haul, and we will look to offer a line of merchandise to help promote 33Banshee to grow our community and help to keep it fresh in the public’s mind.


    33Banshee is a community driven decentralised token, based on the BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain. Reviewable on the Binance Blockchain Explorer.

    Art / Film / Music / Dance

    We need you NOW!

    33Banshee is looking to invest in new ‘Performing Arts projects’ DJ events, Independent Film Makers, Dance, Music, Live Performances, Art and many more.
    If you are looking for funding for your project, please fill in the form below and someone will be in touch to discuss your project.